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 UPDATE –StarScrope is sold out currently in all retail stores nationwide. However, these might still be available on its website HERE

Attention Nature Lovers: If You Want To Blow Your Friends Away With Outstanding Photos, You Have to See This



This portable monocular lets you take close-up, high-definition pictures just like a professional nature photographer, straight from your phone!

Have you ever seen something fantastically beautiful in nature or wildlife, but it was too small or far away to get the details? Let alone capture the moment on your weak digital camera or smartphone?

StarScrope lets you capture all the rare, stunning, and previously impossible to see details of nature and wildlife in a crisp, clear HD photo.

What is it?

The team behind StarScrope is made of avid nature lovers. They wanted to show off all the epic beauty from their adventures, but the photos always turned out distant and blurry. Sound familiar?

Well, get this.

One of the members is ex-US military. He brilliantly found a way to insert the same exact precision technology from military binoculars into a light and portable telescope that attaches directly to your phone’s camera. It’s called StarScrope.

StarScrope gives you the same exact zoom power of military-grade surveillance, right on your smartphone.

But don’t think just because it uses high-end equipment that this device is delicate. Not at all!

It’s actually incredibly sturdy, scratch resistant, and even waterproof. It’s perfect for people who go on adventures outside in rain or snow.

But what really makes this device stand out are its advanced, cutting edge features that were previously only available on equipment costing over $1000.

What makes it so popular?

The secret is in the elite, light-capturing power of BAK4 Prism Optics. The same ones used in military binoculars for surveillance and hunting.

In fact, many professionals are saying the StarScrope is putting most other monocular devices to shame!

What Are BAK4 Prism Optics, and Why Do I Want Them?

BAK stands for BaritleichKron, which is German for “Barium Crown”.

They are high-end optics that dramatically increase the transmission of light, which you need to take those crisp, high-contrast photos you see in magazines.

With the light-gathering power of these elite optics, you can get hyper-clear images even in conditions with very little light, like early morning or at dusk.

You can see birds, leaves, bugs, mountains, clouds, or blades of grass 10x closer, often up to 30 miles away, all in crystal clear, high definition. There’s no blurring or warping like other cheap quality photo devices.

But that’s not all…

What are the other award-winning features of the StarScrope?

The StarScrope does so much more than give you epic views and stunning pictures.

  • Easy to Use: Just clip it over your smartphone’s camera, and start taking amazing pictures. You can even hold it up to your naked eye simply to see details far away.
  • BAK4 Prism Optics: Capture every sliver of light from up to 30 miles away and transform it into bright, crisp, high-resolution photos.
  • 50mm objective wide lens: Gathers 45% more light than your typical 42mm lens for more impressive photos.
  • 10x Magnification: Get up close and personal to see what no one else can.
  • Fully Multi-Coated Lens (FMC): Coated with anti-reflective compounds that avoid glare. Get a brighter, clearer view with crisp, clean images.
  • Made for tough conditions: Advanced polymers and real, high-quality optical glass. It will last you ages!
  • Waterproof, Fogproof, & Shockproof: Take it anywhere and never collect dust or debris or worry about breaking it.
  • Built-in Compass: Get “lost” in the beauty of nature, but always know where you are!
  • Tripod Plug: Connect a tripod for ultra straight, precision photography
  • Lightweight and portable: Slip it into your bag or your pocket, it only weighs 320 grams!
  • Multi-functional: Use it for hiking, birdwatching, hunting, archery, sporting events, concerts, or even moon watching.
  • Fully compatible: Works with both iPhone and Android devices.
  • With the StarScrope, you will never miss an epic moment.

    You can experience the rare, stunning details of nature and wildlife that you only got a glimpse of before. And you can take the pictures to prove it!

    What do others say about the StarScrope?

    “I used this on an African safari last summer. Everyone was fumbling around with their huge, out-dated binoculars to see the animals and nature. I just whipped out my StarScrope and snapped some beautiful pics within seconds. Everyone wanted to know where I got it.”

    “I used this on an African safari last summer. Everyone was fumbling around with their huge, out-dated binoculars to see the animals and nature. I just whipped out my StarScrope and snapped some beautiful pics within seconds. Everyone wanted to know where I got it.”

    “I love going to baseball games, but I always end up in the nosebleed section because tickets are so expensive. My mom got me the StarScrope for Christmas. Now I don’t care where I sit, because I can see more detail than the people in the front row!”

    How Much Does It Cost?

    You may think by now that since the StarScrope uses all the same professional grade equipment from the military and wildlife photographers for magazines, it must cost at least $1000 like they do.

    So you’d be shocked to hear that it only costs $49.99.

    That’s already an amazing deal. But thanks to a deal the company is running just for our readers now, you get the Monocular for 50% OFF – that makes it only $49.99!

    But you have to act now. StarScropes are selling out lightning-fast for the holidays, and the company is small so they can’t afford to let the deal run for long.

    How do I get the authentic StarScrope?

    Be careful of useless knock-offs! There are some cheap plastic monoculars out there who are trying to copy the precision zoom power of the StarScrope. Their blurry, warped photo quality is more likely to get a laugh from your friends than amazement.

    You can only get the authentic StarScrope straight from their website.

    January 2021 Update -

    The company just informed us that an astounding number of professional photographers have discovered the StarScrope due to increased exposure in industry circles. Their stock is running out super fast. If you’re reading this message now, it means there might be some available. Don’t wait to claim yours for 50% OFF before they’re all gone!

    Check Availability and Get your StarScrope for 50% OFF (if it’s still available)

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