The New Ultrasonic Toothbrush That is Safer and Healthier For Teeth... (You Wouldn’t Believe the Price)

15/07/2024 | Steven Peters

Summary: Europe’s dental hygiene capital has produced a revolutionary new device that massages, cleans and whitens your teeth, all of them, in less than a minute. Many are already tossing away their old electric toothbrush for this device and it truly seems poised to take the mouth hygiene world by storm. You can now get your uSmile Pro with 50% Discount and Free Delivery!

Do you have sensitive gums? Do you absolutely hate dental floss? Are you just so lazy in the morning and would prefer to sleep for 5 more minutes? Are you terrified of dentists? Well then you will really want to look into this new device.

Brushing teeth really hasn’t changed at all since the invention of the electric toothbrush, but people still get tooth decay, yellow teeth and spend a fortune on trips to the dentist. Has science really not found a more effective and easy way to take care of your teeth?

Turns out, it did, with a new device that literally cleans all your teeth at the same time, saving you time, money and effort and makes keeping your teeth clean easy and even enjoyable!

It’s spreading like wildfire across Europe and just had to take a look at it to see what all the hype is about.

Clean All My Teeth at Once?

They call it the uSmile Pro, the latest invention to come from a startup based in the tiny European nation of Liechtenstein, the world’s top producer of high-quality dental equipment.

It was a simple idea really, how do we make cleaning teeth as quick and painless as possible, so that even the laziest of people will do it?

The solution was the uSmile Pro, a vibrating mouthpiece that vibrates 5000 times per minute, allowing deep and effective cleaning without any course hairs or strings hurting your gums, and with a special blue light that finalizes the whitening of the teeth and removes any stubborn coffee or tobacco stains.

And the best thing? It takes less than a minute to clean ALL your teeth at once.

All you have to do is just to follow these two easy steps:

1. Put some toothpaste all around the uSmile Pro mouthpiece.

2. Insert it to your mouth and press the power button. That’s so simple. In under one minutes your teeth will be clean and bright.

Is the Hype Real?

We’ll be honest, when we heard about how this device works, we were afraid all these vibrations would be at best uncomfortable or at worst vibrate all our teeth away, so we drew straws, by which I mean we picked one of the junior team members to be the guinea pig.

To our surprise, the test subject not only wasn’t uncomfortable, he was actually enjoying it, leaving it in for a full minute rather than the necessary 30 seconds. We let him take the device home after he promised to use it as recommended so as to have the best test results.

We also required him to use the blue light whitening feature (which requires you to keep it in your mouth for 5 minutes for best results) as he’s one of the more fanatic coffee drinkers in the office.

After two months, the results that we were seeing with each day, were astounding, and we sat him down to pinpoint what the uSmile Pro was all about:


Revolutionary 5000 vibrations per minute cleaning with changeable modes for deep cleaning or for sensitive teeth.

Comfortable mouthpiece to fit any mouth.

Super easy and comfortable to use, just put it in your mouth and press a button, hold for 30 seconds.

Deep cleaning helps prevent conditions like gingivitis.

Advanced light therapy for teeth whitening.

Long battery life, one charge is good for up to one month of use.

Saves so much time! Just 30 seconds for clean teeth!

The kicker is, to properly clean your teeth, it is recommended to brush EACH side of EACH individual tooth for 30 seconds(!). Considering we all have 32 teeth, it’s easy to see why almost nobody brushes their teeth well enough to keep them clean, and this is exactly where uSmile Pro comes in. It brushes your teeth from all sides at once, for all the teeth at once, thus making your teeth clean in under a minute. Really, how did we only just invent this now?!

Lastly, we reach the price. Top quality dental equipment can’t be cheap, can it? Well it turns out the uSmile Pro’s original price is a mere 158 €. Which considering the fact you don’t need to throw it away every three months like a standard brush, and how much money it saves you on future dental visits, that price itself is amazing. But the company is actually having a launch sale, giving away the device with a 50% discount and free worldwide shipping! (Now just 79 €)

At this point it’s really a no brainer, the hype is real. Dazzle the world with your new brilliant white teeth and still sleep in those extra five minutes!

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But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It, Listen to These Fine Customers:

“I had to spend a whole lot of money and a whole lot of time in pain recently due to me neglecting my teeth for a long time. I just couldn’t develop the habit of brushing my teeth twice a day and I was afraid I’d have to go back to the dentist sooner or later, that’s when I found this amazing device and now I can keep my teeth clean and it’s so easy!”

“I have really sensitive gums and I just can’t bear flossing or toothbrushes with tough fibers… This device is amazing I put it on sensitive teeth mode and it’s like a gentle massage for my mouth and I can finally clean my teeth properly. My dentist really complimented me when I came for my usual checkup. I didn’t tell him I was spending just a minute a day cleaning my teeth haha.”

“OMG I love it! I’ve been battling with coffee stains for years and now I can finally smile with confidence again! and it takes so little time! no need for the dentist no nothing! Super recommend this it’s amazing!”

Conclusion: Should You Get the uSmile Pro?

Overall Rating


Ease Of Use
Value For Money

Honestly there isn’t even a debate here. Do you want to blind your friends with amazing clean teeth? Do you want to sleep in those extra 5 minutes in the morning? Do you want to never need to go to the dentist again? then YES. 100%. And that’s even without the sale. Get it. Get your uSmile Pro before they run out of stock.

Where do I Get my uSmile Pro?

Now that you’ve seen the whitening blue light, you probably want to know how to get it, so here’re the steps:

    1. Order an original uSmile Pro from the official supplier site here.
    2. Spread some toothpaste, put it in your mouth and let it do its magic.
    3. Wow your friends and family.

TIP: The uSmile Pro is selling out fast right now. We highly recommend placing your order fast before this promotion ends!

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